Hammer Piano Festival


The association “HAMMER” Piano Festival was founded in 2021, with the aim of launching a classical piano music festival of the same name, but also with the aim of music education and promotion of culture and art in Nis and the region. The vision of the association and the organizational team of the festival is to create a prestigious piano music festival, which will elevate the cultural content of the city and provide the opportunity for classical music lovers to enjoy musical performances by renowned pianists from Serbia and the world. The festival was conceived as a new cultural event in Niš, which promotes and nurtures classical piano music, by organizing a festival of major national and international pianists.
The idea of the festival is to promote piano music, which includes solo concerts and piano chamber ensembles through different eras. Live performances of accomplished artists are an indispensable part of the musical education of students, who in this way directly participate in the creation of works of art. Achieved music teachers, performers, authors, musicologists and music producers are offered the opportunity for further artistic and professional development, since quality performance can be inspiring to them. Fans of classical music and a wider audience are offered a diverse and rich program of the festival, especially at a time when the current pandemic has significantly reduced the offer of quality content.


The Concert – Exhibition Hall of the Faculty of Arts in Niš is an extremely acoustic hall with a capacity of up to 250 seats. There are two concert pianos (Yamaha, Kawai) on the spacious stage. The space is equipped with an air conditioning cooling system and steam heating, and a parking space is also available. The Concert – Exhibition Hall is located at Knjaževačka Street 2a, next to the “Njegoš” Elementary School.


Stefan Sretić
Founder and Art Director
Tihomir Đurković
Head of Finance
Stefan Krasić
Anita Milić
Graphic Designer
Milan Petrović
Association „HAMMER“ Piano Festival

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