Hammer Piano Festival


Mirko Topalski prides himself of being an entrepreneur during the day and a composer and hybrid drummer at night. He earned his Master’s Degree in sound design at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. He has a long lasting career as a pop music performer, where his performances include the music from the famous punk band Obojeni Program, to ethno sensation Sanja Ilic & Balkanika with whom he performed at the Alexandria Opera House. Mirko founded one of the first company dedicated to developing video games in Serbia, called Eipix Entertainment and is one of the founders of the Serbian Games Association. He founded several more companies, one of which being Sonic Dune, a company which deals with the development of studio devices used in the music production.
Until recently, he was the CEO of Playrix RS, which is part of the multinational group in the video games world – Playrix, and he is now preparing to launch a new gaming company. He also received many awards, some of which include, but are not limited to, Ernst & Young Fast Growing Entrepreneur in 2015, and the award Kapetan Miša Anastasijević in 2017. He acts two-fold as a composer. This includes electronic and classical music, which seldom intertwine, for now. Electronic music mostly resembles the ambient music of Vangelis and Jarre, and sometimes it includes the 8-bit music, which brings us back to old video games. Classical music is tonal and in a neo baroque style. The goal for the future is to combine these two styles into something new and unique.
He has more than 50 published works in the field of applied music, most of which is related to video game music, and others to theatre, film and advertisements. One theme music especially stands out here, and this is the theme for the video game called Hidden Expedition Smithsonian Hope Diamond, which was developed in cooperation with the largest museum complex in the world – The Smithsonian Institution from Washington. Mirko is an avid fan of science fiction and comic books, which is why it is interesting to point out that he is the co-author of the comic book Lightstep Chronicles, published by the renowned Dark Horse Comics publisher in 2018.